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Coin Master Game Tricks

Coin Master Game Tricks

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Hi guys, together with this is me again enjoying coin master like a pro after figuring out how the online game actually works. It’s pretty simple actually. Everyone may be a master πŸ˜‰

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Wild For Work 😍 Event Awesome

I played together with this event like together with thisπŸ‘‡

Spin in 1x= 12 times
Then 40x= 8 times
Then 80Γ—=4 times
Then 100Γ—=4 times

And if you have intack,raid in between start the above process from starting i.e from 1x

But when three symbols were late, then I used to do 2 spins on 3Γ— bet and 3 spins on 80Γ— bet…
If raid together with intack does not come, then in which time I will do 7 spins on single bet, then 8 Spin on 40Γ— bet then 4 Spins on 80Γ— bet and 4 spins on 100Γ— bet.

And when I have back to back three symbol comes, I spin 12 on a single 1Γ— bet.

Note:- if i don’t have intack,raid,3 symbol in 100Γ— bet in 4 times then i auto spin again in 1x till I have intack,raid,3 symbol. so which I don’t have spin loss

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